Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet the most tired woman in the world!

Today, that's me!  Combine a late night (mind racing and couldn't fall asleep) with an early-rising baby, a pregnancy and a one-year-old, and lots of productive cleaning and organizing, and you will get the most tired woman in the world!  Wowzers, I am having trouble keeping my eyes open and it's only 5:16 PM!

Even if I do nothing else but the dinner dishes today, I feel like I crammed quite a lot into this day, and I will be pleased with my accomplishments.  After a "mommy meltdown" a few days ago, I am trying to see the good in what I do each day, rather than offering myself constant criticisms for the things I am not doing (or not doing well enough, according to my perfectionist standards).

That's for another post... soon to be written, actually!  If I can stay awake after Luke goes to bed, I will write it tonight.

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