Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Gummy Smile...

As that first top tooth finally peeked its way through today, we must bid you adieu.  Your gumminess will certainly be missed.  Going with it is that little baby look, and coming instead is the grin of a toddler.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank goodness for breastfeeding!

I spent the better part of last week sick.  It was just a cold, but wow, was it a bad one!  I tried to keep Luke close to me in order to keep him well.  I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but whatever antibodies my body was making to fight off infection and sickness would be passed to Luke through breastmilk.  I was not sure how this would work now that Luke nurses less frequently, but luckily my intuition was right.  He was bit unlike himself for a few hours on Friday, but other than that, this illness passed him by.  Yay for Mother Nature and her miracles!  This is just one reason I am so pleased that we both took so well to breastfeeding. 
Of course, this is also a timely understanding.  I was beginning to feel disheartened with our nursing.  Luke is so strong and mobile now, and he likes to grab and claw at me during feedings.  Also, his teeth have made nursing less than pleasant for me.  Getting sick and realizing that Luke probably stayed well because of breastfeeding has renewed my sense of what is right about the experience. What a true miracle of nature! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick Mommy

Today was not an especially good day for Mommy.  She was feeling a little sick, so we did not play as much as we usually do.  I know she was trying hard, but the day got much better when Daddy came home to look after me.  Mommy went back to sleep to get well, and Daddy and I played and went for a walk.  Because Daddy still had work to do, I watched some Sesame Street, which made it feel like a special day to me!  I hope Mommy gets well soon. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Tooth

We are still waiting for that tooth to come through.  Boy, we wish it would hurry.  Our little boy is feeling grumpy!  We can see the tooth - all three little bumps are visible under the gum.  I just can't believe we are still waiting.  Poor Luke.  Maybe tomorrow....

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm a talker!

Maybe I am not as fluent as this post's title suggests, but today, I said my first word:  I said mama! 

I have made the sound "ma-ma" many times before, just as I have done lots of babbling over the past couple months, but I never meant anything by it.  Today, I looked at Mommy and said "mama" clear as day!  She was so excited, she smiled and hugged me, and made me giggle.  I knew she wanted me to say it over and over again because she kept pointing to herself and saying "mama, mama." I obediently replied "mama" right back to her and got more hugs and love. 

Then Mommy started doing the sign for "mommy" again.  I haven't seen her do that sign in a really long time.  She puts her thumb on her chin, and spreads her fingers like she is waving to someone.  That means "mommy" in sign language, in American Sign Language, actually.  She thinks that now that I know the sound "mama" means her, that I will be able to learn the sign.  Perhaps I won't need the sign if I can say the word, but Mommy just likes to teach me all sorts of things that might be useful to me. 

Today is also my 8-month birthday, which means I am carrying on the tradition of hitting milestones on important dates.  Remember all the things I did on Daddy's 30th birthday, September 13th?  Lots!  And, my top tooth is probably going to peek through my gum today or tomorrow.  Wouldn't it be funny if it came through today?!  We will wait and see, and Mommy will keep everybody posted...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheese Head

Thanks to Aunt Millie from Wisconsin for sending Luke a baby cheese head.  The Green Bay Packers fans wear these to support their team.  We'll pretend that we are Packers fans in order to show off Luke's cuteness in his cheese hat.  How cute!  Thanks Aunt Mil!  We love you!

Thanks for Mommy's dish rag, too, Aunt Millie!

Me, my cheese, and all my cuteness!

What?!  Mommy eats this stuff all the time!

And the underside looks yummy too!

Sharp Wisconsin cheddar.... or foam.... Whatever!  I'm just a baby!

Mommy better watch me closely so I don't actually get a mouthful!

Yes, I'm totally washed out in this photo, but my Mommy thought my eyes were cool in this photo.

Luke's First Halloween

Okay, so I was feeling a little under the weather on Halloween, which clearly relates to the terrible photos taken on the day.  That, and the fact that Luke was grumpy and unhappy with his monkey hat!

I want my monkey slipper!

Okay, I'll smile!

...and eat my slipper.

Did someone put this on upside-down?

Getting a little bored with photos...

Nana tries to show me off, but I'm getting grumpy.

Monkey hat on backwards.  At least I'm warm! 

Twisty Tongue

Luke has begun twisting his tongue in all sorts of ways.  Clearly, this new skill is a recent discovery for Luke, because over the past few days, we almost always find him smiling, chatting, and laughing with a twisted tongue.  He briefly pauses to sneeze or eat, but almost always goes back to twisting it up.  And as with all things baby-related, this might be just a phase, so I wanted to capture it before it is gone forever. 

So here you have it... Mr. Twisty Tongue in all his glory!


And later that same night.... still twisting that tongue!