Saturday, April 9, 2011


I turned my craft fail into craft success today!  The finished piece is drying, and once it is set to hang, I will take some photos and post.  Yay!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Craft Fail

Boo!  I excitedly began working on a craft tonight, only to have some disappointment in the process.  You see, I really liked this craft, and I had my own little plan to do a similar monogram on scrap wood from the basement.  I had the letters, the Mod Podge, the scrapbook paper - everything was ready to go.  However, when I applied the paper to the wood, the paper bubbled up.  I couldn't get the bubbles out, and I ended up tearing off the paper to start fresh another time.  I am guessing that I either gooped on too much Mod Podge or I should have let the Mod Podge dry a bit more.  In any case, I am frustrated, but I am not giving up.  Maybe it's the wood.  Who knows.  But I have a vision.  And while I will need new paper, I will get it and see my vision through to the end.

Our Boy

I've been lax on posting photos, so here's one of our boy that we absolutely love. This is just a teaser, since I will post more from Luke's one-year photo session as soon as the CD arrives. 

Tell me our Luke isn't a cutie!