Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cute Kitty

It's Sunday afternoon, and I decided to spend some time with my neglected Master's thesis. I think Kitty decided to prepare me for motherhood by showing me that her needs to be pet and paid attention to outweigh my need to work on my paper. Note how her hind legs are on my laptop keyboard as her front paws knead my shelf of a belly! (I encouraged her to keep kneading until the baby popped out, but some sound scared her away as usual). She is one cute cat!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am now emotionally ready to share the latest pregnancy update. When I received this information on Monday, I was hoping the my next blog post would be sharing photos of the baby and our birth story. Alas, we are still one, and the baby has decided to stay put for a while longer. Now it is Thursday evening, and I am 40 weeks, 4 days. It is time for an update.

I have my next prenatal appointment on Monday, 8 days post due date. If we make it to that appointment, we will also have some post-date testing next week - a non-stress test and ultrasound to check fluid levels. At that Monday appointment, we will schedule an induction for the day I turn 42 weeks (Sunday, March 7). Should any of the post-date testing come back with concerning results, I will be sent to the hospital to be induced immediately (either Monday, March 1, or Thursday, March 4 - the days of my post-date tests.

Obviously, the hope is the baby decides to come on his own before these appointments. However, if he does not, the best we can hope for is a healthy read on the post-date testing and a happy, still-developing baby. I am going to continue to be happy and positive for a natural birth. I continue to listen to my Hypnobabies relaxation tracks, take walks, drink lots of water, and all the other naturally-inducing activities I can think of....

The best way to look at this is to know that in 10 days or less, we will meet our baby. I've waited 10 months.... the last 10 days should be easy to handle!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's our guess date today!

Today is the day... our guess date has officially arrived, and I awoke like it was any other day. The midwife told me only 5% of women have their babies on their due dates, but I still had this fantasy that I would wake up to feelings that were different, indicating a baby would soon be on his way. No such feelings today.

I just don't think I can eat any more spicy burritos or Indian food to try to coax this child from where he is! A week ago, we were told he could be 8 pounds or more, and babies are known to gain something like a pound per week at term. I am thinking with the food I have been eating, and the extra time in there, that this baby could be a big guy!

Oh please, little man, come out and see us! It is far more fun and happy out here. Mommy and Daddy really want to meet you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Why is your face so red?!"

I was outside my house the other day, visibly pregnant for all to see, when a neighbor came out to her car. She attempted some small talk by saying, "Still pregnant?" I responded with a side view of my body and a smile. Then, with a grimace, this neighbor said, "Why is your face so red?!"

I have to admit I was a bit shocked. What I know is that I have had an easy and comfortable pregnancy, and the worst part (which is not that bad at all) has been the discomfort at the end and the case of hormonal acne I have had since the beginning. I know my face is red because of the pregnancy-induced acne. While I know others can see my face and the blemishes, I never expected anyone to say anything to me about it.... it's so clearly a case of acne!

So I shrugged in response to my neighbor's concern, but she was not done. "What's it from?" asked callously, was her next question. This time, I thought being honest and blunt would be the only way to get her to leave me alone, so I told her it was acne due to the pregnancy. Again, she wasn't done. "That looks like high blood pressure!" was her response. I just shook my head and said my blood pressure was fine, thank you. She continued her rant about high blood pressure for another few seconds, and I could only turn to Chris in disbelief.

Here's a tip for everyone reading: Avoid making comments about the appearance of a pregnant woman. In most cases, she probably can't help the way she looks (if she looks terrible). Bringing her inadequacies to her attention will not make her feel good about herself, and it's just plain old rude.

As you might guess, this person is not my favorite neighbor, and this experience only set my feelings of tolerance toward her. The most ironic part of this story is that this neighbor is someone who frequently does not wash her hair or wear a bra when out and about in the neighborhood. I am over her rude words, and am happy to just consider the source.

EVERYBODY is excited for the baby to arrive...

As pictured above, Ozzy likes to sleep right next to his mommy, and recently he has taken to cuddling with his baby brother, too. This picture is just one of many with his paw resting on my belly.

I wonder how Ozzy will feel when my lap is permanently occupied by his little brother....

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Special Expiration Date on the Milk Jug

I have to explain... before our wedding, I had a very strange tendency to look for expiration dates on food items that were the same as our wedding date. I would look at the cheese or the hot dogs in our fridge and think, "Awww, that expires two days after we get married..." or some other equally inane thought.

Well, I think I may have officially lost my marbles. The milk we were drinking earlier this week had a very special expiration date - the baby's due date! So I am continuing the psychotic tradition, only this time, I have added photographs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun Commentary on Getting Dressed at Nine Months Pregnant...

This is our first attempt at video blogging... I just can't say "vlogging" because it makes me feel like I am making fun of people with Russian accents, and I am way too PC to do that!

Maybe this isn't a true "vlog" but it is a video on our blog, and I think that counts.


Blizzard of 2010

Mother Nature has hit Philadelphia with a major blizzard, coinciding with the exact day I predicted I would have this baby of mine. Luckily, the baby has other ideas, and has not made any moves towards birth today.

Since we were both working from home today, Chris and I decided to take a leisurely stroll to Penn Treaty Park. I'll let the photos do the talking....

Chris is standing in the middle of Marlborough Street. Our block has been completely covered in snow, and this is just the beginning of the blizzard! (Obviously some snow is leftover from our storm on Saturday.) Why isn't he smiling? We were actually enjoying our walk!

We walked down the street to Penn Treaty Park, where William Penn was completely covered in snow, the poor guy! Chris then wanted to pose for a few photos.... he thinks it looks like he's buried up to his waist in this one.

The ginormous snowman in the middle of the park. He's holding up better than William Penn!

Another of Chris "buried"... so convincing, isn't it?!

Here I am, a week-and-a-half till my due date. I couldn't believe the ski jacket zipped up, but it did! The pants were a completely different story!

Chris laughed as he took this. He found some sort of connection between the "roundness" of the two objects in this photo.

It's hard to tell, but I am pointing at my belly and his... who is chubbier - me or this snowman?

Okay, so maybe not the best photo of us, but we were facing the driving snow, with pellets hitting our faces. I wanted to share this one since it may be the last of the two of us before we become "the three of us"!

Still pregnant and wanting to meet my little boy...

It is 9:18 on Wednesday, February 10, and there have been no signs as of yet that I am having this baby today. This was my guess date, but it is looking like I will be wrong. Of course, we have a whole day to get through, so we shall see...

Here's the thing: I have to be patient. According to the midwives, my due date is February 21, which is still over a week away. According to all the online calculators, I am due February 17, which is a week away. So WHY am I so antsy?! I guess that strange feeling I've had that he was coming sooner than his due date is nagging me. And while I know he's coming at some point, getting over the anxiety of "when?" is incredibly difficult.

I have been thinking things like, if I get my bags completely packed, he'll come soon after. Or if I make sure the whole house is clean, he'll start to make a move. I think I am just plain old crazy!

My Hypnobabies teaches me that he'll come when HE'S ready and on his birthday. We just don't or can't know when that is. Yesterday, I had a real sense of needing to get over this. I don't want to make these last days or weeks of my pregnancy stressful, so perhaps I need to just let it go. One thing that has helped is thinking that once I see his face, I'll know it forever after that. This will be the last time in my entire life when I won't know his face, so maybe I should just revel in the anticipation rather than fighting it. That's another Hypnobabies technique - go with your body, don't fight it!

So I am going to try to be positive and patient in waiting for my little boy. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pregnancy Update

It is now February 3, 2010, and I am still pregnant. That's the big news. I had yet another midwife appointment today. She estimated the baby to be about 6 pounds now. Since I am nearly 38 weeks, this little guy could come at any time.

At last week's appointment, I was about 1 cm dilated, and while I don't have a number to share from this visit, I KNOW I am further along than 1 cm... for sure! How do I know this? Well, I'll just say there are certain "feelings" one has when dilation is happening. Of course, the Braxton Hicks contractions help that along, as well.

Other updates... the baby has "dropped" and apparently my belly is visibly lower than it has been in recent weeks. This is good build up to the birth. We want him low and preparing for being born. Another good sign is his decrease in movement. Apparently this means he is conserving energy for birth. I am fine with that!

I am going to guess February 10 to be his birthday. That's my guess, and I'll accept the possibility of being wrong, but I just think he's coming.

The Little Man at 21 Weeks...

Just HAD to include a photo of the very cute baby-to-be! This is Baby Kelly at 21 weeks... and I cannot wait to post photos of him once he's on the outside!

Baby Belly Photos

17 weeks... on the beach in Cape May

21 weeks... getting ready for our first (and only) ultrasound to see our little boy!

24 weeks... going out to celebrate Halloween

28 weeks... at Becky's baby shower (Becky and Baby Edelmayer are 26 weeks here!)

32 weeks... on Christmas day in Mystic Island