The Evolution of Our Blog...

Nancy and Christopher on the night he proposed!

I started this blog back in 2008 as a way of chronicling our engagement and wedding planning endeavors, which is exactly why our URL reads "" Those were some great days when I was out doing much more than sitting at the computer, which is why I didn't really write much in those early days. I also hadn't discovered my full blogging potential at that time.  We were just a pair of fun-loving newlyweds!
Wedding day

We were just that for about a minute before a pregnancy bumped us to the category of expectant parents, and the blog's focus changed a bit.  I began highlighting pregnancy issues as well as my personal experiences.  (Swollen ankles, anyone?!)

Here's our first glimpse of Luke!

Soon came our beautiful son, Luke, and once again, our blog became a journal for all his "firsts" as well as the experiences of new parenthood.  For a very short while, even Christopher signed on and blogged, mostly with photos of our boy and some random captions and thoughts.  That was short-lived, however, and yours truly became main author once again.

"We did this!  Amazing!"

More recently, I have been exploring other blogs that have inspired me to discover my creative side.  These are must-read blogs, with great craft, project, building, decor, and home-improvement ideas (and you can check them out under "Blogs We Follow..." on the right side of the page).  Most of these are authored by moms, much like me, some stay home with kids, others work outside the home, but all of whom are amazingly clever and crafty (in a good way) and blog about it!  Sooooo, creative crafting has been another theme of my blog posts in recent months. 

While keeping very busy since the arrival of our second child Maggie has kept me from blogging as much as I might like, I plan to continue using this blog as a forum to highlight family memories, as well as her growth and milestones.

In this blog, I explore all topics that are relevant to our family life, as well as those that are fun, interesting, provocative, or exciting.  So far, nothing is off-limits, and I wouldn't define this blog as all about one thing or another.  It is about motherhood, babies, housekeeping, crafts, and family, but not about any one of those things exclusively.  And that is why the best way I can describe this blog is to say it is a collection of...

Mommy musings of the mundane and marvelous!