Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still pregnant and wanting to meet my little boy...

It is 9:18 on Wednesday, February 10, and there have been no signs as of yet that I am having this baby today. This was my guess date, but it is looking like I will be wrong. Of course, we have a whole day to get through, so we shall see...

Here's the thing: I have to be patient. According to the midwives, my due date is February 21, which is still over a week away. According to all the online calculators, I am due February 17, which is a week away. So WHY am I so antsy?! I guess that strange feeling I've had that he was coming sooner than his due date is nagging me. And while I know he's coming at some point, getting over the anxiety of "when?" is incredibly difficult.

I have been thinking things like, if I get my bags completely packed, he'll come soon after. Or if I make sure the whole house is clean, he'll start to make a move. I think I am just plain old crazy!

My Hypnobabies teaches me that he'll come when HE'S ready and on his birthday. We just don't or can't know when that is. Yesterday, I had a real sense of needing to get over this. I don't want to make these last days or weeks of my pregnancy stressful, so perhaps I need to just let it go. One thing that has helped is thinking that once I see his face, I'll know it forever after that. This will be the last time in my entire life when I won't know his face, so maybe I should just revel in the anticipation rather than fighting it. That's another Hypnobabies technique - go with your body, don't fight it!

So I am going to try to be positive and patient in waiting for my little boy. Wish me luck!

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