Friday, April 8, 2011

Craft Fail

Boo!  I excitedly began working on a craft tonight, only to have some disappointment in the process.  You see, I really liked this craft, and I had my own little plan to do a similar monogram on scrap wood from the basement.  I had the letters, the Mod Podge, the scrapbook paper - everything was ready to go.  However, when I applied the paper to the wood, the paper bubbled up.  I couldn't get the bubbles out, and I ended up tearing off the paper to start fresh another time.  I am guessing that I either gooped on too much Mod Podge or I should have let the Mod Podge dry a bit more.  In any case, I am frustrated, but I am not giving up.  Maybe it's the wood.  Who knows.  But I have a vision.  And while I will need new paper, I will get it and see my vision through to the end.


  1. I'd love to see your finished prject.
    Mod Podge and any glues really can be a PITA. I find that putting the glue ont he wood then place the wood on top of the paper works well for me. Then quickly turn it over, smooth out any bubbles (I never have any) with an old credit card (or ID card like I do). Then place paper side down to dry. Weighing it down if needed.

  2. Thanks! I will definitely do the credit card thing next time. Also, I was working with multiple pieces, and I did them all one after another without letting one dry, so the seams were a mess. I have learned a lesson. You dry it paper side down? Do you elevate it? I also think I didn't let the adhesive side dry adequately before spreading Mod Podge as a top layer. Lots of rookie mistakes in this project, but I am going to persist!

  3. I don't elevate it. I place it paper side down ontop of my craft mat.
    I do find I need to let MP dry before I trim the paper or it will tear.
    I haven't used MP as a sealer yet so not sure about that. But I would say to let it finish drying