Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cheese Head

Thanks to Aunt Millie from Wisconsin for sending Luke a baby cheese head.  The Green Bay Packers fans wear these to support their team.  We'll pretend that we are Packers fans in order to show off Luke's cuteness in his cheese hat.  How cute!  Thanks Aunt Mil!  We love you!

Thanks for Mommy's dish rag, too, Aunt Millie!

Me, my cheese, and all my cuteness!

What?!  Mommy eats this stuff all the time!

And the underside looks yummy too!

Sharp Wisconsin cheddar.... or foam.... Whatever!  I'm just a baby!

Mommy better watch me closely so I don't actually get a mouthful!

Yes, I'm totally washed out in this photo, but my Mommy thought my eyes were cool in this photo.

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