Monday, March 28, 2011

FlyLady Inspired

Sharing my FlyLady inspiration from today:

  • I wore shoes today.  All day.  I don't usually do this, mostly because I don't like wearing shoes indoors, but also because we became a "shoeless" house to help prevent allergy issues for our floor-loving crawling baby.  FlyLady says practice getting dressed all the way to shoes everyday to help get your butt in gear.  So today, I tried it.  I got a lot done, didn't turn on the TV (except for Nate Berkus's wonderful coupon tips today), and feel great about my day. 
  • I rebooted the laundry, meaning that I did one load today to prevent chaos from taking over.
  • Because of the daily routines I have been practicing, I had time to work on a couple little projects during Luke's nap today.  I absolutely LOVE what I created, and will post some photos of the craft sometime soon.
So, it's another successful day, and I'm feeling thankful to FlyLady for the inspiration to make it a good one.


  1. Wonderful. It was a big step for me to wear shoes indoors too. we try not to to keep the dirt traffic down, but I do find I am way more productive if I am wearing them.
    You could always keep a pair of shoes for just indoors, then swtich them to a slip on pair for hanging washing etc, if you wanted too

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I have scheduled out til Thursday, April 28. If this date works for you, I can schedule you then. If you'd rather schedule for around the middle of May, let me know. I'd love for you to post! Let me know what you'd like to do. Thanks for offering to help! I really appreciate it!


  3. Oh, you can shoot me an email at whilehewasnapping[at] if you have any other questions or anything.

    Thanks again!