Friday, March 18, 2011

Excellent Customer Service from Bum Genius Cloth Diapers!

With another little one on the way, and the possibility of two kids in diapers, I realized I needed to increase my stash by a significant number of diapers without a significant cost.  I perused Craigslist but got no responses from my inquiries.  I decided to turn to my midwife's message board for parents.  Earlier this week, I asked if anyone had any diapers to sell, and luckily, on mom got back to me that she had our very favorite diapers (Bum Genius 3.0) to sell to us.  The best part is, she had about 25 diapers and she was willing to sell the whole lot for $20!  One brand new diapers retails at about $16, so you can see that I was saving a ton of money on this deal.  There was a catch: the velcro on the diapers was shot and needed to be replaced. 

I searched the Internet for diaper repair websites and discovered that another mom posted on her blog that Bum Genius sent her velcro repair kits for free.  This was back in 2009, and I simply prayed that they would still be willing to do so.  I sent an email to customer service, and they responded within a few hours asking how many kits I needed.  It took three days for 25 repair kits to arrive in the mail FOR FREE!  I have some work cut out for me, but for the price, I am thrilled!  I am very impressed with this customer service!

So, 25 diapers at $16 each is $320.  I spent $20, saving us $300!  Woo hoo!  That is too good not to share!  Go, frugal mama, go!

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