Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Greeting Card Hanger

Our holiday cards gathered dust for nearly two months, haphazardly placed on a living room shelf.  Our family photos were hidden behind the holiday greetings, and to be honest, our room just kind of looked cluttered because of them.  Definitely not the intention behind those thoughtful holiday greetings! With a bit of inspiration from something I saw in a craft shop, I decided that for the next big event with greeting cards necessitated some "crafting" on my part.  That big event was my son's first birthday last weekend!

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of the step-by-step process, but looking at the final product, I am sure you will see how I re-purposed this old poster frame into the fun and funky birthday greeting card hanger.

Supplies needed:
  • large old poster or collage frame
  • string or twine
  • hot glue or strong craft glue
  • paper clips
  • decorative paper
  • (birthday wrapping paper)
  1. Detach backing from old frame.
  2. Measure twine to hang across frame.
  3. Secure twine using hot glue, craft glue, or tying onto frame clips.
  4. Use decorative paper for "birthday greetings" sign.
  5. Hang card using paper clips.
  6. (As an added treat, you could secure birthday wrap along the back of the frame.)
It was so easy!  Took 15 minutes including time to clean the frame from years of living in a dusty basement!
Here is just the top so you can see more detail.

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