Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flying high, and this is why....

If you are following, you know I have been posting a lot about the FlyLady.  And if you know me well at all, you know if I get into something, I really get into it.  (Think back to Hypnobabies, and me calling labor "my birthing time".... I get invested and really buy in to whatever I am doing.  Yes, I am doing some Hypnobabies with this pregnancy too!)  Back to the FlyLady...I was shocked to discover that I only discovered her one month ago.  It seems like so much has changed already, my attitude, our home, the clutter and disorganization.... even by using FlyLady's "baby steps" and not jumping in too much.  (She advocates for baby steps because doing too much at once can burn a person out.)

And by the way, the FlyLady is one person, but it is the network of people that makes this work.  We are "flybabies" and take lessons from things the FlyLady taught herself.  She was once living in CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome - her acronym, not mine), and she established simple routines to change her attitude, to get and keep her house in order, and to be kinder to herself.  I love the messages that she sends.  They are empowering and thoughtful, unlike the internal perfectionist messages I sometimes send to myself.

So that is a bit of history about the start of my relationship with FlyLady.  Now on to what has changed in our home:
  • Decluttered and organized the attic - there is plenty of space now, as opposed to before when we could hardly walk up there!
  • Decluttered, organized, and cleaned the laundry closet
  • Decluttered, organized, and cleaned the cleaning products under the kitchen sink.
  • Decluttered, organized, and cleaned two kitchen drawers and the tupperware cabinet
  • Decluttered and organized the dining room cabinets - floor-to-ceiling cabinets that are our only storage on our first floor.
  • Decluttered, organized, and cleaned the middle bedroom 
  • Purged and organized Luke's bedroom closet and clothes drawers
  • Organized toys in various parts of the house
  • Purged FIVE giants trash bags full of my old clothes
  • Reorganized bedroom closet and drawers
Now onto the systems that have been developed to help prevent the clutter from creeping back in:
  • My new bedtime routine helps me start each day ahead of the game.  I will have another post about the bedtime routine, which will outline each step in detail.
  • We now run the dishwasher every night before bed, and empty it upon wakening.  This ensures we have a place to put our dirty dishes from the very start of the day.
  • We have a wonderful new laundry system (to be explained in detail in another post) that helps me to stay on top of the laundry with one load per day.  It gets washed, dried, folded, and put away on the same day!  The same day, people!  No more living out of laundry baskets. This is huge!
  • While it sounds simple, I now put things away after I use them.  
  • There are times this doesn't happen because of Luke's needs, or for other acceptable reasons, for example, a hot curling iron that needs to cool. In those cases, I do a 5-minute room rescue when time does allow, like during naps or while Luke is eating or playing happily on his own.  This entails a quick sweep of a hot spot or messy area.
Doing all these things makes it feel like I am not cleaning all day long.  That's a beautiful thing!  I don't especially enjoy cleaning, but I do take pride and feel great about a clean house. 

Next step?  Establishing a few more routines throughout my week to help me keep this place guest-ready at all times.  Going to work on the weekly home blessing over the next few weeks.

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  1. Hi, Nancy! Great post! And now I desperately want to know your new laundry system ;)

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