Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's official...

Yes, friends and followers, it's official: we are having another baby!  As I write this, I am 16 weeks, 3 days with baby #2.  I nonchalantly mentioned pregnancy nausea in my previous post, but I thought it should be made official and clear.... another baby is coming along this summer.

A couple fun facts:

  • This baby's due date is exactly 18 months from the day of Luke's due date!
  • Should this baby be exactly the same number of days "late" as Luke, this baby will be born on my 30th birthday!
  • We are going to leave the baby's gender a surprise this time.  Both Chris and I are getting girl vibes, though, and no, it's not just wishful thinking.  We would be very happy to give Luke a brother.
  • We are planning a home birth with this baby.  I will practice Hypnobabies again with this pregnancy.
  • My belly grew much faster this time, even though all aspects of this pregnancy (so far) have been very similar to my pregnancy with Luke.
I don't have any "belly shots" like I had with Luke, which I suppose is a symptom of being insanely busy with a baby this time around; however, we did take a nice photo on Luke's birthday which highlights my expanding girth!

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