Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, I was happily playing with Luke when a loud knock at the door startled us this afternoon.  It was our mail carrier with a package.  The package was addressed to me with my address listed, but I was thoroughly confused.  It was a package of Similac baby formula.  I never ordered any such package, and I said so to the mailman.  He said he delivers loads of them, and he thinks they are free "gifts" from the company. 

Hmmm... nice try, Similac, but we're doing just fine with breast milk, thank you.  And very smart ploy, by the way, to supply new moms with just enough "free" formula to reduce their milk supply so they will eventually need to buy your product.  Smart, but your trick isn't going to work on me.

Isn't that crazy?!


  1. this happened to me after my miscarriage. stupid. i can't believe they have so much control and money that they can just send out tons of that stuff for free. i was going to give away but i refused to pass off that message onto some other mama. RIDICULOUS.