Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phillies Rebel

I like to call this photo "Yeah, I go to Phillies games, and I eat what I want!"

Okay, I don't really call it that, but I do like that we take Luke to places where we like to go.  He's getting to know our "scene" and frankly, he's enjoying it!

Why such a funny name for a photo?  Well, most of you know that Luke is a breastfed baby.  When he needs to eat, he needs to eat, and I don't always (in fact, I rarely) have a bottle to give him.  (In my opinion, pumping requires more effort than it's worth.)  I usually nurse him discreetly under a very modest cover.  I have never encountered any issues until the other day, when it seemed that two women in front of us were not all that happy about us breastfeeding.  I remind you that (#1) I was covered, and (#2) the most natural and healthy source of infant nutrition is breast milk.  I can't be sure that they were talking about us, but I'm fairly intuitive, and I could tell they were not the least bit happy when they saw a wiggling baby under my cover.

I made two observations about the situation on this particular day.  First, I wore a tank top to the game.  My attire was more revealing than when I covered up to feed Luke.  Second, people eat all kinds of disgusting things at Phillies games: hot dogs, cheese steaks, hoagies, and fries, and no one gives a second look.  But a baby eating as nature intended, now that's gross!  Uh, am I missing something?!

Off we go, to fight the good fight and remind people that babies are supposed to nurse from their mothers.  Phillies game or not, Luke has to eat, and I'm going to feed him - modestly, of course - but feed him nonetheless.  My message to those who don't like it: Deal with it.

Post-rant: Did I mention that we thoroughly enjoyed the game?  We did!

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