Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Night in the Crib

How could I have forgotten to post the big news?! 

Luke spent his first night in his crib in his own bedroom.  It helped that his babysitter Laura put him there, and Mommy and Daddy didn't come home until 1:30 AM, but in any case, Luke stayed there from about 10 PM until 4 AM.  Yippee!

Perhaps I should also mention that he hasn't spent the night in there since then.  Naps?  Oh yes, he takes many naps in his crib, but we've yet to do the overnight thing again.  We both really like having him in our room, as we know his noises so well.  Listening on the monitor is just not the same for us since we've gotten used to having the real thing right there. 

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