Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reaching for Mama

For about a month now, Chris and I have noticed Luke "reaching out" for us.  I use the quotation marks because it was just a feeling we had when Luke would spread his arms wide and cry or fuss.  It was if he was asking to be picked up. 

Well, Luke was sitting in his Bumbo yesterday and he made one fussy noise when I turned to him and said, "Awww, do you want Mama?" and I put my hands out to him as if to pick him up.  Amazingly, he calmed immediately and reached back!  He spread his arms, but also angled them towards me, as if he knew what would follow in this sequence: being cuddled and carried in my arms. 

Of all things that I've been excitedly anticipating, it's been this.  I know Luke needs and wants me, but to see evidence in his body language is special.

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