Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our family story begins...

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love and married the boy of her dreams.

One day, they found out they were going to be mommy and daddy to a new little baby, and they were so excited!

The girl was due to have her baby in the midst of a terrible winter with many snowstorms.  She waited and waited, but he didn't want to come.  She knew that most kids love snow, so she went for a walk in the snow to see if she could get him to come out and join the family.  No luck.

Then one day, after all the snow melted, her precious little baby arrived!  He spent so much extra time living inside his mommy that he was a big boy.  But she didn't mind.  He was perfect in her eyes.

After a couple days, the girl and the boy and their baby went home.  She dressed him in a cute little outfit and his daddy took lots of pictures.  It was a wonderful day. 

At home, the girl introduced the baby to all the members of his new family, even the kitties!  He would sometimes cuddle with the cats.

The new little family would spend lots of time together.  When the baby and his daddy spent time together, the girl's heart would melt.

The girl and the baby spend lots of time together.  They loved each other right away, but as time passed, that love grew stronger....

....and stronger.

Before she knew it, the girl saw her baby getting bigger and growing older.

She sometimes thought she would want him to stay little forever, but really, she just wanted him to grow up to be a good person with lots of love in his heart.  So she whispered her wishes for his life to him often....

....and he listened.


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  1. Guess what!!! So, this is totally random considering this is the cutest and sweetest blog post I may have ever read, buuut I think we both had the same priest marry us..but not to each other, obviously :) Is that Father Olson? He is a friend of the family - he also officiated at Cece's Christening. What a small world!!