Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cowboy Luke

Again, should be working on thesis, but am playing with Luke and blog instead.

I had visions of setting up a little photo shoot with Luke wearing his cowboy suit and hat. He was fairly happy until I tried to squeeze his head into the hat. At only 6.5 weeks, that hat is already too small. Oh well. There are worse things....

So here's the only picture I was able to get. You can see how much Luke enjoyed the photo shoot!

You can see why I only took one... this little guy needed Mommy's arms!

And here's the real reason he was so upset. Tired baby! Mommy's doing her best as a photographer, but when the model doesn't cooperate, there's not much to do except improvise! I hope Luke will laugh at these when he gets older.

 You can just make out the words... "cowboy" on the jumper and "bandit" on the hat.  I'm not sure I want to encourage my son into either of these two areas of work or recreation, but it makes for some cute photos!


  1. I have dreams of photo shoots myself...

  2. I knew you read the blog! Thanks for the comment!