Saturday, April 24, 2010

Appeal to Our Readers

I know you're out there!  From time to time, someone will say, "I read that on your blog" so I know these words and photos are being read by someone!

If you are one of those someones, do the blog-thing and become a follower.  You might consider leaving a comment every now and again, as well.  It would make Luke soooooo happy!  And you wouldn't want to disappoint Luke, now, would you?!

This is what happened the last time Luke was disappointed!  


  1. Don't worry, Luke - we're following!!! We were already following on Google Reader, but if I get to actually read that these days, I'm lucky. So I'm an official "public" follower on the side bar now too - phew, I do not want to anger that lil' guy :)

  2. You two are great! Thanks for the comments! I knew we had some fans out there. And we are fans of your families as well. We have two public followers! Yippee! Luke's smiling now. :)