Sunday, April 18, 2010

EC really works!

Luke is now 6 weeks old, and we officially started working on Elimination Communication (EC) after the last local EC parents meeting in March.  It was great to go and meet other families who do this with success, especially since we are just starting out.  While we tried EC a handful of times before the meeting, we had no success.  The day after the meeting, Luke pooped on the potty for the first time, and since then, things have only gotten better.  We have caught something each day (even if only once), but I consider that success since we've only been at this a couple weeks now. 

One of the group leaders lent me the Diaper Free Baby book, and I read it over the past couple weeks, trying to incorporate some of the suggestions along the way.  Despite attending the meeting in March, reading online and in the books, and hearing of other parents' successes, I secretly never thought my little baby would respond to this process.  I thought we would perhaps catch a pee or poop out of luck or my own recognition of his needs, but having Luke respond at this young age was something I did not think would happen...

...BUT I WAS WRONG!  Last week, the most amazing thing happened. After two weeks of "psssing" and "grrring" in his ear over the potty with no real correlation between the sounds and the elimination, I positioned Luke over the potty again, thinking I had a 50/50 shot of him peeing.  His diaper had been off for about a minute while I organized myself and his potty.  When I put him over the potty, I took a few extra seconds to grip his legs.  All the while, Luke did not pee.  Once I had him positioned properly, I cued him with "psssss" and after three or four seconds, he peed!  It was fantastic!  With all the waiting, Luke definitely needed to go, but he waited until cued.  In this case, there was clearly a relationship between my cuing and his peeing. 

Since that day, we've caught many more pees (and poops) and have been successful having Luke go when prompted.  I am sincerely amazed at this, even after all I've heard and read on the topic. 

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