Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Awaiting Granny and Papa

While I should be working on my thesis, here I am, blogging. I put Luke down for bed about 45 minutes ago, and since we still don't have our monitor set-up (sorry Rose!) I brought my laptop up to bed to sit with Luke. By the time I gathered all my things and came back upstairs to him, he was lying on the bed, quiet and content, but awake. Argh! Perhaps I shouldn't complain since he's doing little fussing, just making noises and moving around. He's a good boy, but he doesn't know his bedtime!

On to the point of the post... we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chris's parents, known to their other grandchildren, Rachel and Frances, as Granny and Papa. They've yet to meet Luke, and they planned their trip from Scotland to meet him for the first time now, as it coincides with Colleen and Rob's wedding in 10 days. Little did any of us know that there would be a terrific volcanic eruption to halt air travel all over Europe. We've all been worried that they would not make it to us this week, which will cause us to delay Luke's christening scheduled for this Sunday.

We just heard that the first leg of their trip has not been canceled! Perhaps we'll see them this week after all...

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  1. Thank goodness, they must be very happy to meet the best little grandbaby.