Sunday, February 27, 2011

Luke @ 11 Months

At 11 months, Luke has continued most of his 10-month accomplishments.  He's bigger now.  And much, much heavier!  His new milestones include standing on his own for a sustained period of time, even though he doesn't much enjoy it.  He twists his body around to view different things around the house, often balancing with one hand lightly placed on something haphazard (like a moving object - a standing Mommy!)  He walks with his walker ALL the time!  He waves to people, and will sometimes blow kisses to them!  He talks often, except when learning something new.  He likes books so much more now.  We read a few every night before bed, and throughout the day.  He likes to turn the pages himself.  He likes to play with his new farm set, and especially enjoys learning the sounds animals make (this involves Mommy saying "mooooo" and "oink oink oink" many times a day.  Luke has developed a true attachment to his Daddy, which really became evident this month.  During Daddy's long days and nights at work, we would often Skype to keep them in touch.  Luke would joyously kick his legs and smile, telling his Daddy all about his day.  It is really quite sweet!  One of the funniest things Luke has developed this month is his "smushy" face.  It's priceless!  And it means all sorts of things: happy, mad, "look at me, I'm doing something...."  So funny!  It's been a month of big changes for Luke.  His birthday is right around the corner.

And here is that crazy smushy face!

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