Friday, February 11, 2011

Luke @ 10 Months

This post is coming late, but better late than never! 

At 10 months, Luke had six teeth - two bottoms, four tops.  He could pull himself up to stand on just about anything.  He loved to scoot across our floors on his knees while pushing some fast-moving object.  He ate just about anything given to him, but still didn't like bananas - a once favorite food.  He was almost completely out of 9-months clothes, except for a few long-sleeved onesies.  He smiled at most guests and strangers.  He crawled all over the floor and ventured from living room to dining room to kitchen to follow Mommy for the first time.  He learned to play happily on his own.  He also began to play with other babies and children.  He started to "share" his food by offering small bits between his fingers to parents and guests!  His pincer grasp seemed almost completely developed.  He almost always slept through the night, often 12 hours or more.  He began to say words like mama, dada, ball, and dog.  He loved his bath.  He disliked vacuuming, which suited Mommy just fine!  He became a more social baby, more aware of his environment, and more loving to his closest family members.  What a special time!

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