Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Mwaah, dada!"

Luke recently learned to give kisses, as in real, close-mouthed kisses with the "mmmmm" sound as he goes in for it.  We sort of skipped the gaping open-mouth baby kisses here, much to our surprise and pleasure.  Tonight, during a dinnertime Skype call with Daddy, I asked Luke if he would give Daddy a kiss.  Luke looked at me, perplexed, until I showed him how to blow kisses at the screen.  He immediately blew four or five kisses at his Daddy.

An hour or so later, Luke was climbing the stairs to go to bed, with me inches behind him carrying PJs, bottle, diaper, and book.  I pointed at the photos going up the stairs.  I pointed to one of Chris and Luke together, and said, "There's your Daddy!"  Luke immediately smiled and turned his head toward the door, anticipating Chris would be standing there.  I then redirected Luke to the photo, and he smiled, reaching out for it. I said, "Can you give your Daddy a kiss?"  Luke put his hand to his face and said, "Mwaah, dada!"

Quite possibly the cutest thing ever!


  1. Can you bottle these moments? Yes! In your memory forever and ever. You are doing it right, though, Nancy. I wrote a lot of memories down in a journal with a corresponding picture if I had one for that particular cute/funny moment, but a blog is even better!