Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Website Woes

I am totally new to this whole idea of exposing myself (ourselves) online, both through the blog and the wedding website, so it came as quite a surprise when what I thought would make everything easier didn't work properly.

Even though the invitations have been ready to go since before we left for our trip abroad back in June, I couldn't send them because I hadn't set up the online RSVP page. Each guest's information had to be entered into the online guest book before they would be able to respond. Makes sense.

So after 4th of July weekend, I spend most of the week setting it up, and finally sent out the invitations on Friday. I did however have a mini-heart attack on Monday evening, when I realized most people had probably received their invitations, and Colleen was at my house trying to respond on the site and COULDN'T! I snatched the laptop away from her and got to work. I discovered that WeddingWire had changed their RSVP tool on Friday without my realizing it until Monday evening. After a few hours, all was better. By about 1:30 A.M. the problem was resolved.

Upon waking this morning, I went straight to the website, and saw that 20+ people have already responded! I am psyched! I've always heard about other brides who get excited to check their mail each day for response cards. I can totally relate. It's exciting to see every few hours who else has replied.

Despite the glitch, I am now pleased with the website's response feature and would definitely recommend it to other couples getting married. Not only does it save the bride and groom some money, but the convenience of responding online is great for the guests.

Again, here is the link for the website:

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