Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hen Party Pictures

After getting dressed up as a hen!

Lauren, Kathryn, and Nicky after dinner.

Me and Lauren acting "American" as stated by Charli - pictures in phone boxes are apparently for tourists only!

Shouldn't have been e-mailing at 10 PM on a Saturday night!

The "L" plate - these are placed on cars in the U.K. when people are learning how to drive. The "L" stands for "learner." Hmmm....

The pom pom war between Jo and Purvi.

I think "Walk Like an Egyptian" was on in the pub.

Same song!

Club de Fromage - I have no idea what song I was singing, but I was definitely into it!

Jo and Charli

Me and Lauren

Nicky and me

The side of Charli's face, Lauren, Nicky

Nicky, Kathryn, Charli

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