Thursday, July 10, 2008


I think I am going crazy over this wedding! I have really been enjoying the planning so far, and I've been okay up until now because most of the BIG things have been settled; but after skimming my "Master Wedding To-Do List" again, I realize that I have LOTS of LITTLE things to do. In addition to that....

To make my mental state even worse, I went through my banking history yesterday and realized that the check I sent to Choo Choo Trolley was never deposited. Of course they close at 5 o'clock, and I realized this problem at 5:15. When I called this morning, they said they had one reserved a while back, but never received my deposit. Argh! I thought I was organized; I guess I have to think again! The man said I could call back tomorrow to speak to one of the women at the place, who MAY be able to set me up with a trolley. Oh my goodness... I really wanted a trolley.... There goes bridezilla again!

I knew I was getting a bit overwhelmed, so I started looking into local wedding coordinators for the last minute stuff as well as being there for the wedding day and making sure it all goes smoothly. Well, we're not made of money, and I think Chris sees this as THE expense that we could avoid. I was quoted between $700 and $1000 from a local wedding planner. I am on the fence with this one... is it worth $1000 to not go crazy? Has anyone else used or not used a coordinator, and feel strongly about the decision? I need major feedback!

Later tonight, I am going to FINALLY put together a spreadsheet that lists all expenses (both paid and balances) for all wedding costs. Just knowing that I have to do this is causing me to break out in hives! I have a feeling of dread about what number I will see at the end. I should have taken all the bridal mags' advice when they said to set a budget FIRST! I'll post later. If I don't, you know the final number with dollar signs made me jump out the attic window. Oh my....


  1. I know a wedding planner... her name is Becky Edelmayer and she LOVES this stuff!! And she won't charge you a penny :)

    And you are getting a trolley!! Where on earth did you get that idea? Your wedding planner perhaps =)

    I am loving this blog Nancy! Now I don't have to wait for our monthly, 2 hour conversations to catch up!! I'll have to figure out a way to keep you up to date with me, I think I could handle an email or two ;)

  2. What a weekend! It should be made into a short film. What would it be called???

    Anyway, I am loving the blog also!

    Just a quick comment about the hen party and the cake...isn't the correct pluralization of penis, peni??? I think you had little chocolate peni on the cake.