Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wearing the boy...

Baby wearing is a great way to spend more quality time with Luke.  I can put him in this home-made Moby wrap and load the dishwasher, work on the computer, fold laundry, or even eat (as shown in the photo below).  It's nice that we can still be close while I attend to our daily household chores and other personal duties.

This evening, Luke and I took a walk around the neighborhood in the Moby.  Considering recent news about baby slings, I was extra conscious of his posture while in the wrap.  I noticed that the cradle hold allows him to put chin to chest more easily than the hug hold - the major difference is that Luke faces outward in cradle, and faces me in hug hold.  Halfway through our walk, I flipped Luke around to face me, and he went to sleep almost immediately.

Wearing little Luke makes me feel like a good mommy, and he really seems to enjoy being close to me, too. Daddy wears Luke when he can, and Luke also likes having one-on-one Daddy time in the Moby.  Wearing our son gives us a great opportunity to be with him when we might otherwise put him down or spend time apart, and it truly calms Luke and makes him a more pleasant baby to be around.

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