Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Luke's first bath

While this was a couple weeks ago, we still wanted to post the photos and comments of Luke's first bath.  We waited until his umbilical cord stump fell off to give him a proper bath.  As it turns out, Luke loves his baths!  See below....

Luke is getting his hair washed with Burt's Bees baby shampoo and wash.  It smells so nice and he loves it!

More hair washing... see the frog covering him?  We found this treasure at Babies R Us when we were registering.  It is a Bath Luve Frog, a specially shaped wash cloth to dip in warm water and cover baby to keep him warm when he's in the bath.  We were lucky to get this item as a gift.  It really works, and Luke is not at all cold in his bath!

Luke getting warmed up after the bath

Getting warmer in Daddy's arms!

Getting a mommy kiss in his robe and slippers

He's really cute!  Love the robe!

We know that he doesn't really get dirty, and so he doesn't need a bath every night, but he loves it so much, we have made this a part of his bedtime routine.  Bath, lotion, diaper change, pajamas, swaddle, feed, then hopefully sleepy time.  Since establishing this routine, Luke has responded really well, drifting off to nighttime sleep within two hours of his bath.  He also seems to sleep for longer stretches since starting this bedtime ritual.  A happy and sleepy baby makes happy parents!


  1. You guys are doing great! Anjali loves the bath, hates the getting dressed part, and absolutely HATED all the swaddles I've tried.

    I have given up on the swaddle. :-(

    Very beautiful Kelly family!!

  2. Nancy:
    I'm the mom-inventor of the Bath Luve & came across your blog entry and cute pictures of Luke. I would love to share them on my blog -- would that be OK? Please feel free to check it out at bathluve.blogspot.com and e-mail me at amyseckinger@bathluve.com

    Warm regards,