Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And he's walking!

For some reason, this is THE milestone everyone talks about, but I was in no rush for our boy to walk when it seemed he was on the verge.  Back in January when I was still nauseous and lethargic all day every day, following a toddler seemed impossible.  In recent weeks, though, I couldn't help but wonder when our boy would take off on his own.  After much speculation about the delay - was it because we had been holding his hands and walking with him since he was seven months old? - we decided that because he was physically capable of taking the steps, just not mentally prepared for the big leap on his own, we'd back off and stop our wondering.  Well, we stopped wondering aloud, anyway!

All that, and our happy boy decided to take off on his on officially on May 29, 2011, while vacationing in Spain with us and his Granny and Papa.  It was wonderful that they were able to see such a big step (quite literally) in his development, because they are often far away and witnessing his achievements through Skype.  This time, they got the full interactive version, and celebrated with us with lots of praise and hugs.

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