Monday, October 25, 2010

Meeting the Dodds in Scotland

Frances, Luke, and Rachel playing shortly after arriving in Dumfries.

Luke fell in love with his cousins!

The Kelly Family - minus Neil and Nancy who were taking these photos.

Can't see it here, but Luke was standing.  He wants to be a big boy and play with his cousins!

Frances took a liking to Luke.

Swinging in the playground just behind Granny and Papa's house.
Rachel enjoyed feeding Luke.  She also fed him his yogurt for lunch.

Time for the Dodds to go home.  More posing before the long journey.

The Kelly cousins together at last!

Auntie Susanne loved her newest nephew!

And Luke loved her, but he was distracted by Rachel and Frances.  Kids always trump grown ups in Luke's book!

After the Dodds left, Luke found another friend in the mirror!

This new friend got a lot of love!

Big kisses!

More mirror time with Mommy.....

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