Monday, October 25, 2010

Addendum to Crawling Post from September

Back on September 17, I posted that Luke started to crawl.  That was very true.  On that day, he made two little crawling movements, then sat on his bum for nearly a month.  When he wanted to travel, he effectively "scooched and rolled" from one place to another. 

When we returned from Scotland in early October (and yes, I will be blogging about the trip soon, very soon!), Luke began to do more hands and knees rocking, and within a few days, the crawling began.  By mid-October, Luke was crawling around the living room like a champ. 

Now, in the mornings, when I place him on the living room carpet with a toy while I go pour myself a coffee, Luke usually follows me onto the hardwood floor.  He gets a little further each day.  Now I have my puppy following me around!  It's really quite sweet. 

So there you have it.  He's a crawler.  Wasn't quite sure we'd ever see it, but he's now a man on the move!

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