Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milestone Monday

Told from Luke's point of view today.  Enjoy!

Yesterday happened to be Daddy's 30th birthday, and I thought I would celebrate with three (yes, three!) developmental milestones all on this one special day.

First, Mommy set me on the floor in the living room so she could do some organizing for Daddy's special day.  She was just a few feet away at her desk, so I wasn't worried that she was leaving, but I was very curious about what she was doing.  So I rolled from my back to my tummy (which I do often), but this time, I got my knees under me in just the right position.  When I was all ready, I pushed up on my hands, and Mommy looked over at me and started to make a big happy fuss all over me.  I love when she does this, so I laughed and smiled and made high-pitched goo-goo sounds.  I could tell she was proud of me, and she told me so many times.  I think she was impressed that I was able to go from a flat position on the floor to an upright, sitting position all on my own.

Then, a little later, Daddy came home from work.  It was earlier than expected since Daddy's computer had a big problem, but I didn't mind.  I love to have my Daddy close by!  My Mommy was a little bit worried, though, and she told me she didn't think she could pull off all the surprises with Daddy home all afternoon.  She took a break from her organizing and took me to my room to play.  Mommy was sitting on the floor, while I sat in my crib just a few inches from her.  We like to play the puppet game while I am in my crib, and Mommy had "Mr. Pig" on her hand.  He's my favorite puppet right now.  I like how he talks and gives me kisses.  Mr. Pig was above my head, just over the bar of the crib, and I couldn't really reach him. With my hands on the top bar of the crib, I pulled up from a sitting to a standing position.  Mommy made a huge fuss again, and I could tell that what I just did made her so happy that she forgot all about Daddy's surprises and how worried she was about all the organizing.  This made me very happy!  But after a short while, I noticed that the top bar of the crib looked awfully tasty, so I put my mouth right on that bar and gnawed away.  Mommy and Daddy both thought this was very funny, and they took lots of photos.  Actually, the bar wasn't as tasty as I had hoped, but it felt so nice to have something hard to chew on.  My gums were sore, and I really liked how firm my crib was on them.  Here are some photos from my crib-chewing session:

It wasn't really long after that when Mommy and I were playing on the living room floor again.  I picked up my favorite teething toy, my Mommy's fingers, and began to gnaw on them like I did on my crib.  Mommy sounded really excited and called Daddy over to look at me.  They both put their fingers in my mouth and looked really happy.  I finally got my first little tooth!  It was a sharp little thing that Mommy felt, but when they looked in, they could see the bottom gum had two little white bumps.  I am so excited that I finally have a tooth because I am ready to start eating big people food, like Mommy and Daddy eat.

This was such a big day for me, that I slept from 7:30 PM until 3 AM without any wake ups!  That's a long time for me.  I wonder what today will bring....

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