Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our crazy life

Our family has had a busy month.  Let's be honest; it all really started two months ago after Luke was born. 

1. My mom and I planned Colleen's bridal shower for March 20, when Luke should have been one month old.  In reality, he was two weeks old.  So in the week before the shower when we were working on scrapbooks and favors and buying drinks and getting organized, I was also dealing with my newborn baby.  It was crazy, but we got through it!

2. I was also writing and finalizing my thesis for graduation this semester.  I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to do it this semester, but I guess I figured that I would need to do it with a child one way or the other, so I might as well do it when I had maternity leave and an immobile child, at that!

3. Our wonderful Aunt Arlene came with (our equally wonderful) Aunt Anna to visit us in the hospital after Luke was born.  Shortly after that, she had bad news from her doctors: there were no other treatments they could give her.  One month later, we had a benefit for her, and she saw how truly loved she was.  On April 21, after a long and admirable battle with ovarian cancer, Aunt Arlene passed.  We celebrated her life, and mourned her loss.  While we miss her, we can feel her presence in our lives, and know that she is looking after Luke in a special way from heaven.

4. We celebrated Luke's baptism on April 25.  It was important for us to have his christening while Chris's parents were in town, especially since Chris's dad is Luke's godfather.  We had a small celebration at our house after the ceremony, but plan to have a bigger party to honor the event in the summer. 

5. Colleen and Rob were married on May 1!  This exciting event was preceded by many other fun activities, like Colleen's hair and makeup trial, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding bowling.  Then, of course, the main event was a big, long (but fun!) day for us.

6. We had Chris's parents visiting us throughout most of these events from late-April to mid-May.

Chris, Luke, and I are very much looking forward to life returning to normal.  Once graduation is over, life will be quiet for a few weeks before I go back to work.  Then summer comes!  We are so excited about a nice relaxing summer.  Hopefully our life will be a lot less crazy then.

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