Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Luke in the Heat Wave

With the incredible heat these past few days, we have been reluctant to swaddle Luke at night, thinking he'd be too hot.  We have a very light cotton swaddle, but even that seemed too much.  On Sunday night, Luke was up most of the night, eating the whole time.  I awoke on Monday thinking that he's either (1) going through a growth spurt, (2) helping my body catch up with his intake needs after a crazy week of bottle feeding last week, or (3) a combination of those the first two.

It wasn't until last night that I realized what was actually happening on Sunday night.....

Late Monday night, Chris took Luke to bed.  We had a light cotton onesie on him for sleeping.  He tried for half an hour and was unable to get the child to sleep.  In our arms, he would nod off, but on the bed, no way!  I took a break from my thesis for a while to help Chris.  I saw Luke kicking his legs and waving his arms, and fussing as he did so.  This was exactly what he was doing on Sunday night during his binge.  He would move around and fuss, I'd feed him, he's fall off, then fuss again.  Repeat 754 times, and that was our night!  So, fast forward to Monday and me seeing the flailing limbs.  I thought, "Hey, maybe this kid doesn't like to have his arms and legs free."  After all, he's not used to that for nighttime sleeping.  We dug out the cotton swaddle and within 3 minutes, he was fast asleep.  We had the fan on so he wouldn't be too hot.  Thank goodness for that swaddle!  We were able to sleep for a good long chunk last night - all of us! 

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