Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Duggars

I love the Duggars! Jim Bob and Michelle and their 18 little (and not-so-little) offspring are some of the sweetest people TLC have ever filmed.

Here they are in 2008. There are only 17 kids pictured.
The most recent Duggar was still in utero at this point. Also missing is Anna Duggar, Josh's wife.

In a discussion with a couple friends the other day (and I know one of them is definitely reading this), we talked a bit about the Duggars, and I shared with them that I would love to be as joyful as the mom on that show. Now, I like my clothes better, and I am pretty sure I prefer my hair to be proportional (no mullets for me, thank you), but Michelle is one happy lady with a lot of appreciation for the simple things in life. She doesn't need fancy clothes, pampering vacations, or even attention to make her smile. Despite what some may say about having 18 kids, I have to say that this woman is truly admirable.

Now, onto Josh and Anna... they were engaged in the summer of 2008 and married the day before us! They had not a drop of alcohol at their wedding, nor dancing. I'm not so sure I could have offered that sort of party to my friends and family without some major complaining, but it worked for the newest Mr. and Mrs. Duggar. The latest news is that they are expecting a baby. (Mom, don't get any ideas!) Congrats to them. They really do seem in love, if not a bit young and naive.

So here's something else to think about... while America watches their every move on TV, the Duggars rarely turn theirs on. That makes me wonder: if I want to be more like Michelle Duggar, what sort of changes do I need to make? Hmmm? Cutting out some television seems the most likely step, as I'm sure I am past the age where having 18 children is possible for me.

Chris is cringing as he reads.

With all the jokes I make TO HIM about having lots of babies, he rarely expects me to share it with the outside world. So it took him by surprise when buying life insurance, and the agent asked us when we thought we might like to convert our policy from term to some other crazy kind, and my response was, "Let's see, by the time we have the tenth baby, I'll be 43..." Jaw off the floor, insurance man! My husband loves it!

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