Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrible blogger...

...is what I am! Or I could just be honest and say that I have been hibernating since the last post.

And another reason I'm a terrible blogger is my mis-named blog. For a blog entitled "The Kelly Newlyweds" it sure looks like all I want to talk about is the darn wedding!

So I am brainstorming some new topics to discuss with y'all. Feel free to comment on the topic I should blog about next...
  • Why red wine is so delicious
  • How difficult it is to keep a house clean
  • Why I've gained the "freshman 15" since getting married
  • What I think of the family with 18 kids
  • (On a similar note) what I think of the octuplet mom
  • That I'm super excited to almost have a Master's degree
  • How great it is to work from home
  • Why I love Ikea
  • How I struggle to stay organized and clutter-free (that's one for Oprah)
  • Why my family is the best family ever
  • How my cats exactly mimic Garfield and Nermil in every way possible
  • How great a new kitchen would be in our home
  • Why "Que Chula Es Puebla" has the best Mexican food in Philadelphia
  • Why I think the movie Vacancy is not horror, but horrible
  • Why we don't want a dog before a family
I have to mention here that when I was a little girl, and I would get a new journal, I would write religiously for a week or so, then it would somehow slip my mind for months. When I'd find it hidden in a drawer somewhere, I'd write again in a very apologetic manner, as if the diary felt the pain of abandonment. Funny how I am doing the same thing with the blog (21st century style)!

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