Friday, December 17, 2010

Note to self...

I have 537 different things to get done around the house and for the holidays.  However, I have been the worst blogger that ever blogged, and it has been way too long without a post.  So I am committing to all of you (I know there are only FIVE official followers, but far more unofficial "stalker" types - you know who you are!) that I will post about some of the following topics in the next few days.  Promise!

Speaking of followers, if you're not one and you reading this blog, just officially "follow" this blog already!  I like to know my audience.  It would help keep me motivated to blog, choose topics to discuss, and a light-hearted "comment conversation" would be a welcome addition to this blog.

Okay, my topics:
  • Giving up cable TV
  • Luke using sign language
  • Luke's new physical talents, including standing, climbing, and assisted walking
  • Meeting with a home birth midwife
  • New photos, including Luke's picture with Santa
  • Luke's awesome new and varied diet
  • Experiencing the holidays as a family of three
  • Luke's language development
  • Discipline (yes, for a 9-month-old! Obviously we're not using time-outs yet, but we are gently enforcing limits.  More to come...)
  • More delicious recipes and the creation of my recipe binder
  • (On an entirely different note from the previous bullet) Luke's potty success
I'm sure there are many more things to post, but Luke is close to waking up from his nap, and I just have to get the dishes done.

I feel good back in cyber land.

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