Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fair Oak Farm, Mayfield, East Sussex, England - Friday, June 26 to Monday, June 29

We stayed at Fair Oak Farm, consisting of a converted barn, cow shed, and feed store, pictured above. Over the course of the weekend, 14 friends from Chris's university years stayed and enjoyed the festivities. By festivities, of course, I mean eating, drinking, and playing croquet.

Chris's shirt reads "Prose before hos" with a portrait of Robert Burns. What a catch!

At Bewl Water, a lake near Fair Oak Farm. We lost the friends on the country roads on the way to the lake, so we had a few hours to ourselves in the English sun!

Chris, Gilles, and Kathryn during the croquet wars.

Two of the guests joining us for every meal. Pure white peacocks. Only in England!

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