Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Blog

I've always been too busy to have time to document my life in a diary or journal. But since I have the summer off for the first time since I was 14, I figured I have no excuse anymore.

Over the past few years, there have been times when I would think, "I wish I would have brought a camera," or "It'd be great to make a scrapbook of these memories," and of course, those moments passed me by without a photograph or caption. I decided to create a blog to document special moments in my life -- soon to be "our" life -- since there are so many wonderful things happening these days.

In the past year, we got engaged, bought and moved into a new house, and I changed jobs. Now, I am in the midst of wedding planning and attempting to keep our home a nice, happy place to be. Although it may not be a life of glamour, it is a great life, and it's the one I've always wanted. I can't think of a better reason to blog than to keep track of these wonderful memories we're creating.

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